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snufflesdbear (Tamy)(Allie the Sylum Gator) [userpic]
Fic: Momma, CM Garcia/R/M FRM/sc non-graphic
by snufflesdbear (Tamy)(Allie the Sylum Gator) (snufflesdbear)
at February 25th, 2007 (11:34 am)

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Summary:You know Daddy!fic everyone drools over? Think Mommy!fic. Sort of.

Spoilers- The Big Game/Revelations and Fear&Loathing
Warnings -Triad - Garcia/Reid/Morgan
Disclaimer:Without Prejudice. The names of all characters contained here-in are the property of CBS/touchstone/mark gordon, et al. No Infringments of these copyrights are intended, and are used here without permission.

MommaP fic hereCollapse )

snufflesdbear (Tamy)(Allie the Sylum Gator) [userpic]
moderator contact me?
by snufflesdbear (Tamy)(Allie the Sylum Gator) (snufflesdbear)
at February 22nd, 2007 (12:52 pm)

Would the moderator of this Comm contact me, please. I poked and poked and can not find a name/ID or email address anywhere. I have a fic and don't know if it is appropriate for this site.
tamy(at)populli.net please, thanks!

kaelleigh [userpic]
Medical Investigation Zine
by kaelleigh (kaelleigh)
at January 26th, 2007 (02:25 pm)

Calling any and all lovers and writers of Medical Investigation and Frank/Stephen. We need stories to make the 2nd MI zine at Neon Rainbow Press a reality. If you're interested, please respond to this thread. 3 pages gets you a trib copy, if accepted.

So come on... promote the Frank-Stephen love. :-)

kaelleigh [userpic]
FIC: (CM) The Aftermath Jase/Der Mentioned
by kaelleigh (kaelleigh)
at January 21st, 2007 (03:14 am)

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This would not let me go. I really tried to fight it because I have lots of stuff I need to write, but it wouldn't allow it. Of course, this has spoilers for Profiler, Profiled.

Big warning: Dark and bitter Derek. So, here it is...Collapse )

kaelleigh [userpic]
Gallery and Brothers Site has moved!
by kaelleigh (kaelleigh)
at January 7th, 2007 (09:06 pm)

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Yeppers, it's done. Both of them have been moved and they seem to be working okay. I figure as long as we limit Karen's time on the Gallery, it shouldn't have any problems. LOL! JK, Karen!

The new URLs are http://kaelleighsworld.com/Brotherssite/btl1.htm for the Brothers Site and http://kaelleighsworld.com/cgi/btlgallery/index.php for the Gallery. Like I said before, your best bet is to register at the Gallery so that you can have access to all of the benefits.

Take care all and have fun.

At the Bargaining Table Sentinel FRM Jim/Blair/Simon
by buffyangel68 (buffyangel68)
at January 5th, 2007 (05:22 am)

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Hope this is okay. I know this pairing/show hasn't been discussed, but... it's one of my faves and it does fit the group theme. Enjoy...

At the Bargaining TableCollapse )

Paige [userpic]
Fic Rec for The Evidence
by Paige (angst_queen_98)
at January 3rd, 2007 (11:22 pm)

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Pardon the icon... I don't have one for Sean and Cayman. Yet. LOL I figured David would be a good stand-in.

I always try to check out the site "While we tell of yuletide treasure" around the holidays because they have this lovely tradition of folks writing fics for other folks. On request.

Not to bore you, but I squealed (loudly!) when I found this one! I really enjoy the pacing and characterization. It felt like I was watching en ep of the show! The banter between the boys is sterling.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did! If so, feed the author. :) You never know... it might wake up her muse again!

Here's the URL, crude as it is. I haven't mastered creating links yet!




kaelleigh [userpic]
Gallery Update
by kaelleigh (kaelleigh)
at January 2nd, 2007 (11:31 am)

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Unfortunately, this doesn't mean that it's up and running. For those of you who are on my Warrick and Grissom list, you know the problems I've had with my webhost. Well, chalk something else up to them. Somehow the database that is needed for the gallery programme was either partially deleted or corrupted... and of course, this happened during the long weekend when they were not available. I sent a request through email support which I have not had any response. And all of these major problems have occurred since I upgraded to a supposedly "better" package. I've tried to be loyal, I really have, but putting that gallery together took almost an entire week and now, for all intents and purposes, it's gone.

So, after almost eight years with them, I am looking to leave and find a better host. What this means is that the gallery will not be back up for a while. I am going to have to start completely from scratch and rebuild once I do decide on a different host. The ever-wonderful Neb has volunteered to host the Gallery for a bit, but I think that wouldn't be fair to you gys to get used to one URL and then switch to another one a few days later.

I really am sorry for all of this and I promise it is coming.

Take care all and I hope everyone has a happy new year.

P.S. For anyone who likes my other sites, they will also be switching over to the new host and that does include the Warrick and Grissom archive.

kaelleigh [userpic]
Spoke too soon
by kaelleigh (kaelleigh)
at December 31st, 2006 (04:17 am)

Feeling: sad

Unfortunately, we've run into a slight snafu, so we'll let you know when the Gallery is back.

kaelleigh [userpic]
The Gallery...
by kaelleigh (kaelleigh)
at December 30th, 2006 (11:45 pm)

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is done!

It took a lot of work and help from the wonderful Neb (the Geek in the Two Ebs an Iv and a Geek), but it's done. I've been culling these pics for a while and I have no idea where a lot of these came from, but if you recognise one from someone's site, please let me know and I'll make sure to get permission to use.

You can find the Gallery at http://majorcrimes.freeservers.com/cgi/btlgallery/index.php . There are actually a couple of ways to access it. There's a link at the comm under the Zoomin' header and then, towards the bottom on the left, you'll find the link at the main site. To get full access to all of the fun stuff (e-cards and the ability to upload pics to the original and miscellaneous folder), you really should register. But, if you only want to look at the beautiful men, you don't have to.

So, go ahead and look, rate the pics and comment. It's fun and one should never turn down eye-candy. LOL!